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The Events page...THE most important page on the site.

demoFind out what we're up to, where we'll be and when. There are so many talented alumni in area bands, find out about reunions, fundraisers and of course, those HTHS Alumni Night Out functions at a local watering hole. More info to come.

Current News

Planning for 2013


demoThe committee is busy planning for 2013. If you can help, please contact Dan Santora ('73)

Recent Events


$2000 Donation



Thanks to everyone for their support of the HTHS Alumni Association for the past year. We recently presented HTHS Principal Gary O'Brien with a check for $2,000 to benefit the athletics and activities fund.


1980's Alumni Membership Roster


Class of 1980

Katherine Spratt Carretti

Diane DiPeitro Fletcher

Class of 1981

Cynthia Lohmiller Cowling

Doug Kelly

Benjamin Vail

Class of 1982

Lori Pilarz Edmonson

Alice Minyon Hunt

Franklin P. Jackson V

Francine Tryka


Class of 1983

Michael Krusen

Damian Kulcynski

Lisa Mitten Moore

Nancy Randall-Lounsberry

Robert Strauss


Class of 1984

Jeneen Perry Hackett

Mike Tanner

Patrice Tryka

Glen Wira


Class of 1985

William Brahms

Pat Cummings


Class of 1986

Christopher Bezich

Shiela Wilson


Class of 1987

Marcie Minyon Aron

David Glenz

Harry Green

Cubbie Dahl Ingraham

Gary Miller, Jr.

Jeannine Tryka


Class of 1988

Susan Keneally Ainsworth

Lorie Ann Barber Burgo

Craig Kline

Larry McLaughlin

Michelle Pugarelli

Charles Vicario

Amy Shrader Williams


Class of 1989









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